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White-Glove Fingerprint Live Scan

We offer Live Scan.

Electronic fingerprinting, commonly known as live scan, captures your fingerprint impressions electronically without messy ink. Live Scan is accepted in all cases where fingerprint cards are required. Should you require your prints to be placed on a standard FBI FD-258 card, White-Glove Fingerprinting will provide it to you at no additional charge. You can get Live Scan fingerprinted at our office. We can electronically send your prints to the FBI, but we cannot send them electronically to the North Carolina SBI. 

Live Scan background checks are commonly used for adoptions, legal matters, employment, childcare, immigration, organizations, and much more. Live Scan is accepted in all cases where fingerprint cards are required. Should you need your prints to be placed on a standard FBI FD-258 card, we will provide one at no additional charge.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority - FINRA

FINRA Fingerprinting


Your Electronic Fingerprint Submissions (EFS) will be submitted to FINRA under the guidelines established by the FBI and FINRA. Our partner is only one of thirteen companies in the United States that is able to do so.


Through our partnership, we offer a secure connection where your fingerprints can be submitted electronically with results being delivered back to the broker-dealer through FINRA CRD. Electronic Fingerprint submissions allow for faster processing times, higher quality fingerprints, reduced rejection rates, and lower FINRA fingerprint processing fees assessed to firms.

FBI Background Check Services
FBI Background Checks


Checks are conducted through the FBI’S Automated Fingerprint Identification System. (AFIS)

White-Glove Fingerprinting is authorized to electronically submit FBI Background Checks directly to the FBI.  These checks will reveal a summary of an individual's past criminal activity. An FBI background check cannot be requested by someone on your behalf.  You are the only person who can submit a request to the FBI for your criminal history.

FBI Check
FBI Background Check Services
FBI Background Check Apostille Services


This service is for individuals who are planning to travel to a foreign county to work, live or attend school.


Many foreign countries require you to obtain an FBI Background Summary report before you are allowed work, live, or attend school in their county.  These reports are commonly referred to as a Departmental Order or an FBI Background Check.  Often, countries who are requiring these reports will request that the reports are apostilled.  An apostille is a legal certification that makes a document from one country valid in another (if both are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents).  White-Glove Fingerprinting offers an FBI Background Check Apostille Service, via our channeling partner.

Ink Fingerprinting

ATF National Firearms Act Fingerprinting

White-Glove Fingerprinting is authorized to conduct electronic ATF Fingerprinting. The National Firearms Act requires gun shop owners to capture fingerprints of individuals wanting to buy silencers and firearms. 


Final Rule 41F became effective on July 13, 2016. This amended the regulations regarding the making or transferring of a firearm under the NFA. 


Form 1 and Form 4.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Florida Department of Law Enforcement - FDLE


Do you need to obtain or renew a license in Florida?  We can submit your fingerprints directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 

Not only do we provide this service for licensing purposes, but FDLE fingerprint submissions are also often used for adoptions, student visas, and court-related matters. Be sure to provide us with the proper (ORI) number from the requesting agency.

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Private Investigative Services/ employment screening
As a licensed private investigator firm, our unwavering commitment is to provide unparalleled investigative services, coupled with a White-Glove approach, ensuring the highest standard of care for each of our clients. Our diverse array of services is meticulously crafted to assist you in uncovering the answers you are searching for. At the core of our ethos is the firm belief that the pursuit of truth is paramount.  Our private investigators specialize in a range of services, including surveillance, criminal and civil defense investigations, and workers' compensation investigations.  Feel free to reach out via email or phone, and rest assured that our consultations are always confidential and offered free of charge.

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Fingerprint Cards


We provide fingerprinting services for various reasons. Often, fingerprint cards are sent to many different agencies, companies, and institutions throughout the country. It is your responsibility to verify the requirements of the requesting party that you are sending your fingerprint card to.

Live Scan Fingerprinting
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